From: Domenic Denicola
> So I think the plan of record is: `attribute any console`, with prose 
> describing
> how the getter returns "the window's console object" which is initially set to
> a new instance of Console, but the setter can change it to any value. This
> means accessor descriptors and enumerable, since that's how IDL works. If
> anyone thinks this is bad, let us know. Otherwise the standard will be
> updated any day now in that direction.

In IRC, Smaug makes me aware of the [Replaceable] IDL attribute, which appears 
to be what Gecko does. Given `[Replaceable] readonly attribute Console 
console`, IDL auto-generates a setter that does (essentially) 
`this.defineOwnProperty("console", { value, writable: true, enumerable: true, 
configurable: true })`. For most objects this will shadow the prototype's 
getter, but for global objects like Window it will just overwrite it.

So, new plan of record: `[Replaceable] readonly attribute Console console`.

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