On 1/25/17 8:14 PM, fantasai wrote:
  * a 'run-in' layout model slightly less insane than the one proposed
in CSS2.0

I like the truth in advertising there.  ;)

I'd just like to reiterate my (longstanding, so unlikely to sway anyone) opinion that run-in, even in this "less insane" incarnation, introduces an amount of complexity to both specification and implementation that is wholly disproportionate to its value as a feature. It will complicate attempts to add other, much higher value, features to CSS, again both in terms of specification and implementation. I think we would be better off not adding this feature.


P.S. I don't see much point filing this as a github issue, since this really isn't the sort of comment that lends itself to discussion on github. And again, I don't expect this mail to actually change anything. But I felt like I had to try one last time...

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