>Maybe no. "files" is a generic word, so if you make every "xxx_files/" 
>folders magical, it's quite possible that there are folders happen to 
>ends with "_files" but are not intented to be local web apps. If you 
>require a `xxx.html` to make "xxx_files/" magical, it is a little 
>awkward and confusing for muli-page app.
>This is why I propose a new (and unlikely already used) pattern 
>`xxx_webrun/` for more powerful muli-page app, and limit `xxx_files/`
>single page app.
>In single page app case, it would be more common that `test.html` gets 
>`test_files\page{2|3}.html` via XHR and renders the latter in place, 
>instead of navigating to it.
>So the latter don't need to access `test_files\config.json` themselves.

*any* magic behavior is a sure-fire sign that something is wrong(TM)


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