On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 5:45 AM, duanyao <duan...@ustc.edu> wrote:
> These have been a lot of discussion on that in this thread. Do you think 
> writing a more formal document would be helpful?

Perhaps. Fundamentally, I don't think you've made a compelling enough
case for folks to become interested and wanting to work in this space
and help you solve your problem. You've also have been fairly
dismissive of the alternative points of view, such as the web being
fundamentally linked to HTTP and that distributing (offline)
applications over HTTP is the goal. That might make folks less
compelled to engage with you.

I suspect no browser, and I'm pretty certain about Mozilla since I
work there, is interested in furthering file URLs. Most new operating
systems abstract away the file system and the web as browsers see it
has always done that. There's ways to pull files in, but there's not
much use for letting applications write them out again (other than
downloads, which are quite a bit different).


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