I've added a "Wicket Template" module/package to Wicket-Stuff -

Nothing too dramatic - basically a cut-down version of Quickstart,
leaving the  Maven2 pom.xml together with a (very) basic WicketApp.
It uses the Maven2 recommended folder layout and allows the creation
of a standalone WAR or the running of the web-app via the "mvn
jetty6:run" embedded server.

It does assume that the user's happy to use Maven2 and download the
support jars, but it takes the package size down to 31KB.

What it doesn't have is any specific Eclipse settings (as I don't use
it, so can't verify what could be transferred across from QS) but if
someone wants to add some settings to the SVN folder, I could do a new
version of the package...

For IntelliJ IDEA, "mvn idea:idea" *does* appear to work correctly
with IDEA 5, so there's no need to include IDEA-specific files.


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