Yay, got it.

This JavaScript blurb will trigger onchange after a half-second pause:

-----------js accessible to page--------
var timerN = 0;
var timerElement;
function resetTimer(element) {
        timerElement = element;
        var n = ++timerN;
        setTimeout(function() { timerCheck(n); }, 500);

function timerCheck(n) {
        if (n == timerN) {

And then a little behavior to activate it for text fields:

class KeyPauseUpdate extends AjaxFormComponentUpdatingBehavior {
    public KeyPauseUpdate() {
    protected void onComponentTag(ComponentTag tag) {
        tag.put("onkeypress", "resetTimer(this);");
    protected void onUpdate(AjaxRequestTarget target) {

So this fixes my immediate problem. (Except for slow typists and even
slower databases, but whatevs.)

It would be easy to package as a free-standing behavior, which I'll
probably do for Databinder. Unless you guys decide it's in scope. ;)


YGwyn Evans wrote:
> I don't know if it's technically feasible, but I think you've got the
> answer with your last sentence - Even if not, I can't believe it's a
> good idea to trigger a request per-keystroke - how feasible would it
> be to send only when the <space> char is entered?
> /Gwyn
> On 14/07/06, Nathan Hamblen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> What are people doing to make sure their ajax responses apply to pages
>> in the correct order? I'm using an onkeyup form component updater for a
>> find-as-you-type query a fairly large database. Incorrect results are
>> often rendered because the second-to-last request responds after the
>> actual last request. (This makes sense, as a query returning fewer
>> results is often faster.)
>> It's a "like '%token%'" query so mysql has to scan the whole table.
>> Bummer, but I need that first %. I played around with the throttle delay
>> but it didn't make a difference. I'd like to just throw out the
>> out-of-order response. Even better would be if the ajax request didn't
>> happen until the user paused typing.
>> Any ideas?
>> Nathan

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