> Hello,
> I have started using Wicket few weeks ago and I am still unable to find
> simple solutions to simple problems ! The problem I am facing now (after
> many others !) is to link to a resource at run time. For example, to link to
> a css, I am using :
> <link wicket:id="menucss" type="text/css">
> in the HTML template and
> add(new StyleSheetReference("menucss", getClass(), "menu.css"));
> or
> add(new StyleSheetReference("menucss", new ResourceReference("menu.css")));
> Although the file menu.css is in the same directory as the page class, I
> only get an error message :
> Unable to resolve shared resource [ResourceReference name = menu.css, scope
> = class wicket.Application, locale = null, style = null]
> Thanks for any advice !

If you're running Wicket 1.2 (final) or before, you had to register
shared resources in advance, using an initializer. If you use the
current svn version - which if Martijn makes it will hopefully
released later today or within the next few days -, that is fixed in
the sense that you don't have to pre-register resources anymore.

Btw, the easiest way of adding header references now - at least it's
my preferred way - is to use HeaderContributors. I wrote a little bit
about it here: 
but the javadoc should hopefully be enough too.

Btw, I wouldn't say this is a 'simple' problem. Wicket is about the
only project that has such header contribution support for reusable
components. Many other frameworks either have very rudimentary
support, or not at all, requiring you to do your includes in the page
(thus breaking the whole idea of having encapsulated components).

If there are other issues you are struggling with, please post them
here (after searching whether other people had a similar post first of
course), or visit ##wicket on freenode.

> BTW, I am posting this from Nable since my mail was refused by the list
> server because I have no posmaster address in my domain. This is not very
> practical !

We are just using sourceforge's mailing list facility, which uses the
most widely used mailing list management program in the world. Can't
do better than that :)


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