On 7/24/06, Igor Vaynberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> i think in this case we are talking about a contextpathprepender but for the
> css, not just a variable interpolator.

Yes, that's pretty obvious. I wasn't proposing 'just variable
interpolation', but just explaining what there is now to fix his
problem, and what might be one of the starting points.

> also while the texttemplate stuff works what it does is sinclude the css
> into the page, im talking about a resource so you can have all this stuff
> done once and served/cached through the normal <link/> tag.

Like that <wicket:head> section. That's fine, but we should ultimately
have a mechanism that works both ways. I prefer header contribution
using behaviors in general because it works with any component, at any
place, not just panels. But of course, such a thing should be
consistent with what we have now. But in such a way that it is
optional, as it would be rather expensive to parse any packaged
resource we serve.


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