On 7/15/06, Iman Rahmatizadeh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> AFAIK, there are three ways of implementing application transactions,
> lazy loading, etc. stuff  with Wicket & Hibernate :
> 1 - The hard way, where you pass object ids, and load & save them in
> each request cycle using a new session
> 2 - The detached object way, where you attach the old objects in each
> request cycle to a new session
> 3 - Using long sessions, where you keep a session during multiple
> requests and finally close when the unit of work is finished

I simply added:



to my web.xml. This keeps a session open during the whole request,
allowing detached objects to attach to the EM again and traverse lazy
loaded relations.

This is for JPA in a Spring environment though.

I wonder after reading all the discussion about this subject here
whether this is a good solution or not. It works for me and my
specific application. What about your app?


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