Hi All,

We are trying setup a suitable switch to SSL method for our Wicket
application. I have read the wiki page regarding SSL switching:

but this does not solve our problem. We have apache and mod_proxy in
front of Tomcat. Our wicket application will be used on multiple
domains, so we can't hard code the hostname into our application for SSL
  switching because that will depend on which domain name was used for
the request. Getting our application to sense the calling hostname is
also not appropriate because some users (a from a third party network)
will be accessing the application by IP via a NAT'ed connection, so the
hostname sensed by the Servlet would be incorrect.

Also, we want the application to work from our internal network on the
default Tomcat port of 8080.

In short, we want Apache to handle SSL switching by redirecting (using
mod_rewrite) to the SSL URL. Apache already knows the hostname(s) it is
controlling, so no hard coding of hostnames in the application would
required - far more versatile in our opinion.

To get this to work properly however, an HTTP GET is required. Using the
REDIRECT_TO_BUFFER RenderStrategy causes HTTP 302 redirects to a new
friendly URL (via HTTP GET). This is perfect, except that apache can't
tell the difference between pages that we wish to be secured, and those
that we do not. So here's the question:

Is it possible for us to modify the URL (perhaps by adding a GET
parameter) generated for the HTTP 302 as generated by using the

I hope this makes sense! :)

Kind regards,


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