I've noticed something weird that I can't explain. I've created my own
RequestCycle by extending WebRequestCycle:

public class DIFRequestCycle extends WebRequestCycle {

    transient Person user;

    public DIFRequestCycle(WebSession webSession, WebRequest
webRequest, WebResponse response) {
        super(webSession, webRequest, response);

    public Person getUser() {

        if (user == null) {
            DIFSession mySession = (DIFSession) session.get();
            UserService service = (UserService)
            if (mySession.getUserId() != 0) {
                user = service.getUser(mySession.getUserId());
        return user;

    public void onEndRequest() {
        user = null;


When I started using this, suddenly my urls changed from:




for all my pages.

I mount the pages in the application like this:

mountBookmarkablePage("/trupp", TeamPage.class);

I haven't done any other change to my application.

Any ideas what causes my nice urls to turn bad like this? :)


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