Just to add a bit to Martijn's reply...

> 1. I wantet to get a "Hello World app" working, however, i failed in finding
> out what is "really" necessary, to do it. I tried the Quickstart (Eclipse)
> example, but there seems many unneeded things in it, too (jetty, many docs
> etc), so i wondered if there is a , well basic, empty skelleton-app with
> just 1 page and no gimmicks around.

If you're OK with Maven2 & having it download what it needs, then I'd
suggest downloading the wicket-template from wicket-stuff
as that's about the smallest thing going...

> 2. On the wicket page i read: "an appserver is needed", however, i saw that
> the Quickstart itself only has jetty included and wondered why wicket needs
> an appserver and not only a caontainer like tomcat will do it.

  Just down to the defintion of "appserver" - all that's needed is
servlet container functionality - We tend to use Jetty as it's easy to
embed in IDEs & run standalone, but there's no requirement for it over
any other servlet engine.

> 3. is the Wicket Doc available as a pdf anywhere ?

No, while there are books on the way, the info's mainly in the
 1 - Javadocs 
 2 - Quick Tour & Examples
(http://wicket.sourceforge.net/Examples.html &
 3 - Wiki (http://wicket.sourceforge.net/wiki)


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