> What do you want to do with that url?
> I guess you want to generate a bookmarkable url ?
yes, I have a service that runs regularly and generates an email
report. That report should contain a link to a wicket page.

> The problem is that you really need a request cycle. Because that is used
> for all kinds of stuff
> So can;t you just mockup one?
I'll try that; I hoped there is a better solution for this.

> If you want this kind of behaviour you can do it in a common base page and
> then
> in the method onAfterRender() of the page.
hmm, I'll give that a try, but the custom WebRequestCycle feels just
right for this kind of strategy, especially because it''s easy to tie
in the rollback on errors via onRuntimeException. I could also use a
servlet filter for that but that makes the error handling even more
difficult and also applies to resources...


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