I've been playing arround with maven archetypes as described in

Things went faster as expected and at the end I came up with a maven
archetype for wicket. The archetype creates a project that looks very
much the same as a project createt using wicket-template from wicket-stuff.

If anyone is interested you can check out the patch file I attached to a
feature proposal for wicket-stuff.
[ 1540913 ] wicket-archetypes Maven2 archetypes for wicket

Usage should be pretty straight foreward.
Once the patch is applied change into the subfolder of
wicket-archetypes. So far only one archetype is present :-)

 - mvn install
should install the archetype locally. After this it might be used like:

 - mvn archetype:create -DarchetypeGroupId=<archetypeGroupId>
-DarchetypeArtifactId=<archetypeArtifactId> \
-DgroupId=<groupId> -DartifactId=<artifactId>
 - mvn archetype:create -DarchetypeGroupId=wicket
-DarchetypeArtifactId=wicket-archetype-template \
-DgroupId=de.mywicket.app -DartifactId=wicket-template

Have fun,


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