Hi everyone,

I have the following problem:

I supply the DropDownChoiceElement with a List containing HashMap's. So
every Listelement is a HashMap. The HashMap contains a association
between ID's and Names (the ID's are primary key whereas the Names are
not). Don't bother about the problem that then there might be duplicate
entries in the DropDownChoice.

I succesfully manage to create the html-code right, thru suppling an
IChoiceRenderer. However: how do I get the selecte Value-ID from the
DropDownChoice-Element. All I manage to get is a String containing the
Name and the ID.

Thanks for your help.

Here is the Code (it's from the examples so there isn't anything new
about it, except the HashMap):

// every Listelement contains a HashMap
List names = getListFromDB();

add(new DropDownChoice("userSelect", names, new IChoiceRenderer(){
   public String getDisplayValue(Object object) {
        return ((String)((HashMap) object).get("lastname"));

   public String getIdValue(Object object, int index) {
        // avoid accessing the element -1, which is Choose Element
    if( index >= 0)
     return "-1";

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