I'm working on a table that is to contain a combination of static and
dynamic columns -- though the dynamic ones aren't too varied.  It goes
like this:

ProductType  Category SubCategory Day1 Day2 ... DayN

I'm hesitant to use a DataTable or DataGridView because then our html
folk can't see much of anything.  We won't have more than 5 days, is
there an easy way to simply not display a given <td>?

  <td wicket:id="ProductType">Product Type A</td>
  <td wicket:id="Category">Category 100</td>
  <td wicket:id="Day1">8/1</td>
  <td wicket:id="Day2">8/2</td>

Or is it time for me to figure out how fragments work?

  <td wicket:id="ProductType">Product Type A</td>
  <td wicket:id="Category">Category 100</td>
  <wicket:fragment wicket:id="myDay">
  <td wicket:id="DayN">8/1</td>

Thank you for your time.


Scott Swank
reformed mathematician

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