>  I like the idea of the AjaxPushBehavior mentioned in the issue tracker
> posting.  At one point I tried extending AbstractDefaultAjaxBehavior, and
> adding an addOnLoadModifier() which asynchrously called back on page load
> and then I blocked that thread, with the intention of waking up that thread
> and calling AjaxRequestTarget.addComponent when some action took place on
> the server.  The problem that I had was that it seemed like all other
> requests for that session were also blocked even ones that had nothing to do
> with that behavior.

You would have to make sure the request for a push behavior is handled
by it's own IRequestTarget, which then would return null at the
getLock method. That would prevent the request being synchronized on
the whole session. This also means you have to take care about the
reentrant behavior of that push behavior.


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