It's really annoying when forums or mailing lists assault weblog
comments in a coordinated attack: don't do it! I mean, HLS is a
you-know-what, and that's been obvious for some time, but we don't want
the outside world to start looking at us like Mac users or anything. (I
say that as a Mac user who's never threatened anyone's dog, etc.)

What would be interesting is if someone posted a detailed response, at A
Wicket Diary or Chillenious or something. Start a high-profile,
high-class Java framework debate. I'd like to watch that.

Otherwise, Cap'n Ahab can sink his ship very well without our help.


Francis Amanfo wrote:
> Hi all,
> I found this current post on Howard's blog. I quote it here:
> "Wicket has a nice community and a few nice ideas, but it does not
> compare to what I have planned for Tapestry 5. I believe Java is going
> to thrive at the high end and performance is going to be one of the
> differentiators from Ruby on Rails. In addition, the Wicket model can't
> address the kind of short-cycle development issues that will be part of
> Tapestry 5. I think Wicket is fairly broken in that it stores the
> component model inside the HttpSession. This has been a critical flaw
> for JSF as well, where they've realized that they don't have a proper
> approach to handling true scalability. Wicket is a neater, cleaner
> version of Tapestry 1.0 or maybe 2.0. I've said in the past that I found
> it quite unambitious for starting from scratch. I'm now working on
> Tapestry 5 which is quite ambitious."
> Either this man is jealous of the success and popularity of Wicket or he
> might have forgotten to take his pills before hitting his fingers on his
> keyboard. Go remind him to do so the next time at:
> <>
> Regards

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