Shades isn't threatening to JDO, EJB, or Hibernate.
I'm a member of the JDO2 expert group, and I've built
a free JDO driver, which as far as I know was the only
non-commercial driver to pass the Sun TCK for JDO, at
the time. It was called JDOMax. I recently stopped
supporting it and I've taken the JDOMax website down.
I want to focus on Shades now.

So anyway, I really love JDO. I am also a member of
EJB 3 expert's group- I was invited to join to  bring
the JDO perspective to the work. I was never able to
be active in EJB3, but I appreciate the work they are

Anyway, if you look in my toolbox you will find square
drive screw drivers and philips head drivers. It's
great to add tools to your kit when it makes a job

Basically Shades fills a gap between SQL frameworks,
and full transparent object persistence. Shades is
neither. Shades uses an interface to dynamically do
table I/O and ORMapping, rather than an XML-driven
mapping. It turns out this dynamic mapping has all
kinds of beautiful effects. One such effect I found
immediately when using wicket was the ability to
dynamically populate all the fields of a ListItem. I
believe this can already be "automatically" by Wicket
using a bound property model, but I'm not a Wicket
expert yet. 

private void addRow(ORMapping orm, User user, ListItem
  for(String c:orm.getColumnNames()){
         item.add(new Label(c,
         ""+orm.getColumnFromObject(c, user)));

I used the same tehcnique to throw all the fields of a
User object into PageParameters:

    private static void setPageParameters(
                  BookmarkablePageLink link, Object 
                  pojo, ORMapping orm){
        for(String c:orm.getColumnNames()){

In fact, it doesn't matter to me at all if we "need"
Shades or not. **I** needed Shades. If other people
like it, that's cool too and I hope it can be useful. 


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