Hi All,

I was one of the early users of Wicket before 1.0. I
did a lot of work to use Wicket with my JDO
implementation JDOMax (no longer supported). In the
process I learned a lot about why it is harder than it
has to be to use many ORM frameworks with Wicket and

I'm a member of JSR 243 Java Data Objects Experts
Group, and I advocated hard within that spec for the
"fixing" of the JDO spec with regard to
non-transaction-write behavior, along with Eric Samson
and others. The JDO group  was receptive, having
gotten similar feedback from Howard Lewis Ship of
Tapestry. I believe this change will benefit Wicket
users, and make it much easier to use JDO 2.0 than JDO
1.1, from Wicket.

However, I still wasn't satisfied that it was "easy"
to do ORM from Wicket or Tapestry. So I started a new
project, based on what I learned -- it's a better way
to do ORM -- I call it Shades. Following the wicket
style,Shades works without any XML configuration.

Rather than make this any longer-winded, I thought I
would just begin passing back some code, showing the
Library sample application using Shades. The attached
zipfile is just the "library" folder from the wicket
sample applications. EditBook.java and
LibrarySession.java have been altered to use Shades
for database access. LibraryORMDictionary.java is the
only new file required.

Please let me know what you think. Also, I do not have
a website for Shades yet but I hope to find the right
venue for open sourcing the code soon. (see attached
zip file 'library.zippo' with library-example directory)

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