We have had a long and interesting discussion about what to do with
our releases and our repository. As you know, we are working in a
forked mode: wicket 2.0 is under active development, and we also
provide support for wicket 1.2 (1.2.2 has just been released), and
will start work on 1.3 soon (if it hasn't started already).

This message tries to clarify where you can find stuff in our
subversion repository.

If you look at the repository you will see the following root structure:


trunk is used for the development of the most recent major release of
wicket. In this case, that is wicket 2.0. When Wicket 2.0 is released,
trunk will be used for the development of Wicket 2.1, etc.

branches is used for the development of older major versions, when
these are in active development. It is also used for bug fixing older
releases. Currently you'll find the following directories there:

branches/wicket-1.0.x                <- bug fixes for 1.0 (now unsupported)
branches/wicket-1.1.x                <- bug fixes for 1.1 (now unsupported)
branches/wicket-1.2.x                <- bug fixes for 1.2 (actively mainained)
branches/wicket-1.x                   <- development for newest minor
version of wicket 1 (currently wicket 1.3).

So if you are asked to check out wicket 1.3, then you'll have to check
out branches/wicket-1.x. If you want the latest sources for Wicket
1.2, then you'll have to check out branches/wicket-1.2.x

The tags directory is used for creating patches against a particular
release. For instance, if you have a patch that you want to submit for
wicket 1.2.2, then you'll have to create the patch against:

The releases directory contains all project files that were used for
building a release, after creating the release. This means that the
maven pom.xml files are changed to reflect the specific versions. So
if you want to rebuild a particular release yourself, say 1.2.2 you
can checkout releases/wicket-1.2.2. This will give you the exact
sources that went into the release, including correctly dependent
project files. Do not use these releases to create patches against,
use tags/ for that!

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask on ##wicket or here.


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