Thanks for looking into this.  Here's my ugly hack to get around the problem:

DropDownChoice elevationSelect = new DropDownChoice("elevationSelect") {

        private float oldElevation = 0.0f;

        public List getChoices() {
            return ((HwddcState)
        protected boolean wantOnSelectionChangedNotifications() {
            // The following is a hack to be able to record the
            // change from the old version.  Unfortunately, the old
            // version is not available by the time
            // onSelectionChanged is called, so it needs to be saved
            // here.
            HwddcState hwddcState = (HwddcState) parent.getModelObject();
            oldElevation = hwddcState.getPpiImageParams().getElevation();

            return true;

        protected void onSelectionChanged(final Object newSelection) {
            HwddcState hwddcState = (HwddcState) parent.getModelObject();

            final float oldElevation = this.oldElevation;
            ((PpiPage) getPage()).recordChange(new Change() {
                    public void undo() {

            ((PpiPage) getPage()).updateMapImages();
elevationSelect.setChoiceRenderer(new ElevationChoiceRenderer());
boundModel.bind(elevationSelect, "ppiImageParams.elevation");

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