Thanks, Martijn.

Started using ImageMap.

in html:
&#60img src="imgs/buttons.gif" width="714" height="177" border="0"

in java page:
keyboardImageMap.addRectangleLink(0,0,54,54, new AjaxFallbackLink("qLink"){
            public void onClick(AjaxRequestTarget target) {
               appendName("q"); <-------

qLink is not defined in html file (we use ImageMap, and don't need to
explicitly define link's ?)

When I set breakpoint in <------ I see target=null, so target.addComponent
is imposible. Is it a bug or a feature ? And more I've added
AjaxFallbackLink but when I fire the button appendName("q") changes the
value of the appropriate Label and the page is reloaded completely (this I
guess is not AJAX behaviour). Any comments ... suggestions, please ?

Wicket 1.2.1

Martijn Dashorst-4 wrote:
> Take a look at the ImageMap class. I haven't worked with it, but you
> can add links, and pass ajaxfallback links into the image map. Would
> be cool if this works :-)
> Martijn

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