Yup I have experienced this same problem. Hope it get addressed soon before
our QA nails us down!

Iuly wrote:
> Hi, 
> I've upgraded my current application to 1.2.2 wicket version. The only
> problem that occured is related to DatePicker. 
> Shortly I have the following use case :  if a panel with a DatePicker
> inside is added to the target after a ajax request, DatePicker component
> is opened but cannot be close. The reason is an javascript error - stack
> overflow (calendar.js line 1796). If the page is refreshed then DatePicker
> works propely.  
> This use case worked when I was using previous version on wicket. 
> How this problem can be avoided or which is the exact cause ? 
> Btw, wicket  is a great stuff ! 
> Regards, 
> Iulian

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