Aha, it has righteously been elevated to divine status! Nice!

And thanks for the excellent work on this stuff. Very well done, very  
neat and very useable. Have you considered adding possibility to add/ 
remove rows to the table, using these + / - signs in a table footer?  
Or is that done already somewhere?


4 sep 2006 kl. 09.32 skrev Matej Knopp:

> It's not in 2.0 extensions and probably it never will be.
> It's in 2.0 core :-)
> -Matej
> Per Ejeklint wrote:
>> I looked at the live examples and found that the Editable Tree Table
>> would be very useful for me. But it seems that this is not in 2.0
>> extensions yet. Any words on when it will be?
>> /Per

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