> I was actually wondering if packaging the markup and the Page classes
> in different jars would work. Something like:
> myapp-wicket.jar:
> com/myapp/MyApplication.class
> com/myapp/MySession.class
> com/myapp/page/Index.class
> com/myapp/page/Login.class
> myapp-store1-html.jar:
> com/myapp/page/Index.html
> com/myapp/page/Login.html
> myapp-store2-html.jar:
> com/myapp/page/Index.html
> com/myapp/page/Login.html

I've never tried that myself. It might be a problem for class loaders
to figure out how to load this if it comes from another jar.

I think a global resource stream locator would work best for your case.


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