The request should go to our mailing list I assume. There are users
with more portlet experience than I have.


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From: Manuel Barzi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Sep 7, 2006 2:00 PM
Subject: Wicket WebApp as a Portlet (T-Systems - Barcelona)

Hi, Juergen,

I am on intetrating Wicket in an already started project here in
T-Systems, Barcelona. The final wicket-webapp I should end by the end
of october should be "wrapped" in a Portlet to be integrated in a
Portal "motorized" by LifeRay Portal Container. For the moment I am
introducing myself to Wicket, testing samples, and learning it bit by

The point is I been checking Wicket Site and found the following information:

"... the portlet examples have not been released yet. You can find
them in SVN until the time has been found to build a proper release
for it. The portlet support is still young and ..."

Then I SVNed Wicket and searched for portlet samples, but only Wicket
API and some XML files where containing the keyword "portlet". I
guess, then, that the Portlet Samples you mention in the snippet above
are in a different location, or not commited yet?

Please, let me know... I have to resolve this issue asap as a
condition to finally use Wicket or not in the project. I desire to use
Wicket, but first I have to check that it will allow me integrating
its nature webapp to the portlet container.

Thank you very much,

Salute you from Barcelona!

Manuel Barzi
Computer Solutions Engineer

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