My Problem:   
I am trying to make a set of Radio buttons (rendered by a ListView)
dynamically update with the selection that is made.  I am trying to
implement a feature where the status date is cleared when the status changes
back to OPEN or the status date is set to today's date when the status is
changed to an option with a blank date.  BUT... When the CLOSED status is
set back to OPEN, the closed date should be set to blank (null) but it is
not.  In a similar situation, when WITHDRAWN is selected, it gets today's
date (as it should).  So, this seems to have something to do with the null
value, but I just can't see what it is.  Can anyone offer me some guidance? 

I have attached a quickstart app so that someone might point me in the right
direction.  The quickstart is dummied up pretty good, but it pretty closely
resembles the output that I want.   I'm not sure how much detail is
appropriate right now, but I will be more than willing to supply more
details if someone thinks that they can help me. 

Charles Deal 
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