I can imagine 2 very basic components (assuming jsr-170 is used):
- An editor component
   - supporting different client side editors (e.g. FCKeditor and such) 
or clear text (e.g. for Textile fans)
   - supporting different models, but at least an implementation of a 
jsr-170 detachable model
   - preview?
- A tree component
  - icons configurable for different node types
  - shows a part of the jsr-170 tree, with filters to further remove 
items from the tree

You will also have to think about what you want to do with images and 
other types of binary files (pdf, flash, etc.).
Another common cms hurdle is linking between articles/pages/whatever 
text and linking from those text to binary files.

A very important aspect of modern CMSs is the ability to add metadata to 
articles. Though there are many, components for categories and/or labels 
would be nice. Commenting is perhaps also something to look at.


Ted Roeloffzen schreef:
> What we would like to do is create these components and to incorporate 
> those in a comlete application.
> The components could become a Wicket-extension and the CMS could be 
> used by others.
> Ted & Rick
> On 9/13/06, *Pierre-Yves Saumont* <[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL 
> wrote:
>     As far as I am concerned, I would need components that allow to
>     integrate easyly some CMS functionnlities in a Web app more than a
>     complete application.
>     Pierre-Yves

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