I tried to put a Panel with a Form inside a model window. The form is
displayes very well but I notice some strange behavior. So my
questionis: are modal windows designed to work with forms and are my
problems related to the early state of wicket 2.0 or were modal windows
never ment to contain all wicket components? I observe the following
1. Pressing the tab key does not navigate to the next input field. The
cursor jumps into the browser's address input field
2. When I press the submit button (i have overwritten the "onSubmit"
mehtod of the Form) the browser (IE5+6.x/FireFox1.5) pops up a question
whether I (retranslated from german) really want to change to this page
or if I want to stay on the dislayed page.
3. If I press "change" the onSubmit method is called if all required
fields are complete. The window closes, as expected.
4. If I press "change" the onSubmit method is NOT called if any required
fiel dis missing. No feedback is dieplayed, the window closes;


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