On 9/16/06, Martijn Dashorst <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> It does one thing and one thing good: create a link to an already
> existing page. We use it quite often in our apps. I'm +1(00) for the
> constructor to stay.

For what are you using it? Hopefully only for things like linking back
to a page you passed in earlier. Which would easily be solved by:

new Link(this, "back") {
  public void onClick() {

and if you really use that a lot, create your own component:

class MyPageLink extends Link {

  private final Page page;

  public MyPageLink(MarkupContainer parent, String id, Page page) {
    this.page = page;

  public void onClick() {

That's not a lot of work, and at least the user would be fully aware
of the consequences.

> Read the docs and understand what you're doing. If we were to remove
> everything that 'encourages' bad practice we wouldn't have a framework
> left. Anything can and will be misused.

Yeah, let's forget about private, final and all those things and let's
just depend on the documentation.



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