yeah thats nice, but you just lost the flexibility of where the address can come from (no imodel indirection - yeah you can make yet another constructor) and more importantly the short hand compound property model notation. if i can use the notation on a textfield why cant i use it on my editor panel?

ok a constructor like this: AddressPanel(String id,IModel<Address> model) ?

About the object-graph versioning. There is one small problem (yes i dreamt about this instead of hot chicks.. there must be something really wrong with me)

We do the first graph when we take the page from the session (everything fully detached)

Then we call something on it..

Then we need to compare it, before it renders.. But how do we do that?
I don't want to detach everything. And can we compare a detached page with the attached version?
Then we must make sure that the attached version only alters transient fields.. If not then we have a problem...


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