It seems that the exemple about the ajax form is not working correctly.

At least, for me, I got absolutly no feedback about what I am entering in the form when I use the Ajax button.  I got a similar problem for one of my form and didn't, yet, found a good solution.

For now, my code look something like this :

AjaxSubmitButton submitBtn = new AjaxSubmitButton("submit", this)
                protected void onSubmit (AjaxRequestTarget target, Form form)
                    if(_name == null || _name.trim ().length ()<1)
                        _feedback.error("Name field is required.");
                        target.addComponent (_feedback);
                    //Etc etc for the normal processing

It work but it is clearly not something as clean as what is avalaible for a static form.  Surely I miss something that can make my feedback panel update when I want to submit a RequiredTextField.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Marc-Andre Houle

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