I have a panel with a form
    <form wicket:id="testForm">
       <tr><td align="right"><input tabindex="17" class="formButton" 
type="submit" value="save" wicket:id="ajaxSaveButton"/>

The idea behind this is to have a template for forms that must have an ajax 
submit button.

Now I try to create the java part of the panel and form like this

 Form f = new Form(this, "testForm");
 new AjaxSubmitButton(f, "ajaxSubmitButton", f);

But this results in an error message:

wicket.WicketRuntimeException: Unable to find the markup for the component: 
wicket.markup.MarkupNotFoundException: Couldn't find the markup of the 
component 'ajaxSubmitButton' in parent 'testPanel:testForm'

What goes wrong?

Stefan Lindner 


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