Note that I am using the INPUT(type=button) / BUTTON html element as a
standalone component, not inside a form...

Wait for your answer... hope to come soon. Thanks.

On 9/21/06, Manuel Barzi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi, Igor
> > what do you mean act as a link when clicked? a button submits the form -
> > that is its purpose. if you dont want it to submit the form then instead of
> > using type="submit" use type="button" and dont use Button but a
> > webmarkupcontainer that sets the onclick attr to whatever you want.
> Yes, I've already tried it. In fact, before adding I18N I was using
> "Link" class attached to INPUT to fill "onclick", as described
> following:
> [java]
> add(new Link("MainMenuPage-link-1") {
>                         public void onClick() {
>                                 setResponsePage(new CaocAdminPage());
>                         }
>                 });
> [html]
> <input name="nou" wicket:id="MainMenuPage-link-1"
> class="buttonEditar" type="button">
> And the resulting output when processed by wicket, is:
> [html-output]
> <input type="button" wicket:id="MainMenuPage-link-1"
> class="buttonEditar"
> onclick="location.href='/nt/ntapplication?wicket:interface=:1:MainMenuPage-link-1::ILinkListener';"
> name="nou">
> So, this accomplishes what we need in respect to "linking"
> (navigation), making a button html element to "act as a link". But,
> the obstacle comes when trying to add I18N to this "buttoned-link"...
> watching Wicket API I found "Button" class as a good choice to provide
> I18N to the INPUT-type=button, and also to add the "act as a link"
> capability. But, as you confirmed to me, "Button" class is not the
> correct solution.
> Then you recommend me to use other "WebMarkupContainer" based class...
> ok, that's still "glass" while not finding the right component...
> What "WebMarkupContainer" does accomplish this functionality I am looking for?
> Thank you.
> Regards,
> Manu

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