The colliding Application subclass problem is the reason I made
AuthDataApplication, which copies the good stuff from
AuthenticatedWebApplication. It's used in this example:

But yes it's a problem. I was waiting for some guidance from
wicket-contrib (since that's where the idea of subclassing
WebApplication came to me from) but as it keeps coming up I'll see what
I can do to make it easier to use Databinder with an independent
Application class.


Ayodeji Aladejebi wrote:
> Okay I know of all the contrib projects, databinder, hibernate stuffs
> etc, I have used databinder and its lovely but I think for some reason,
> database in wicket needs to be sort of easier to put up to encourage
> faster adaptation. Come to think about it, presently most of the present
> solutions around database in Wicket wraps around Hibernate and a
> beginner who is not familair with hibernate may get stuck. Some
> developers still tend to love thier SQL thing compared to ORM and in
> some cases, you want to do direct SQL cuz hibernate3.jar is some size
> you may not need to include in your portable web application. And
> believe me, i believe more ppl learn SQL more than they learn ORM in Schools
> Yesterday, I was tryin to use Dababinder or wicket-contrib-dababase but
> at the same time i was using the wicket-auth framework and all these
> contibs enforce that you extend XXXApplication in your Application Class
> which means you cannot directly use Contrib projects e.g
> wicket-contrib-database and also Wicket-auth. There should be a more
> elegant way to use multiple contrib projects without this Inheritance
> lock jam.
> Now most web applications need authentication and also need database
> which is why i believe wicket shoud somehow integrate some DAO scheme
> into wicket where all we do is set connection properties and from
> Components, you can fly CRUD.
> Well i know there must be some good reasons to exclude this from wicket
> but what will be the most elegant way to do CRUD in wicket?  where
> should I store my Connection? Session or Application Class. Should I
> create a parent WebPage with all the SQL stuffs and then make other CRUD
> pages extend it. a hundred ways to do this but which way is more elegant?
> Thanks Wicket dads

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