The html file that you attached contains no picture.

As you have said, there is no option for a monoclinic structure (no monoclinic klist_band template).

So you have to create your own monoclinic klist_band file, and that is what the "from xcrysden" option is for.

1. You have to use XCrySDen ("Generate k-mesh using XCrysden" button) to create your xcrysden.klist or hand type your own mesh into xcrysden.klist.

Section "3.11.4 Bandstructure" in the WIEN2k usersguide []:

For a few crystal structures template files are supplied in the SRC-directory, you can also *use** **XCRYSDEN (save it as xcrysden.klist) to generate a k-mesh or type in your own mesh*.

2. Select "from xcrysden" and click the "create case.klist_band" button

On 8/28/2015 7:14 AM, mandeep hooda wrote:
Thanks Sir for help. I am writing this mail in reference to my previous mail SUBJECT " regarding symmetry change." In w2web i have not selected xcrysden. I have clicked on "createZrTe3.klist_band where it is already showing simple cubic and there is no option of monoclinic structure. Initially when I solved some other structures I got as I expected. But now it shows simple cubic for tetragonal as well as monoclinic structure. I have attached html picture of ZrTe3. I have followed the steps shown in this , nothing more. I hope you will get the point where I have made mistake. I am really thankful for your help.

  Thanks and Regards
    Mandeep Kumar
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