Dear Prof Blaha and users
I want to plot optical properties directly from terminal. I am getting plot
with a single column but I want to plot two/three column simultaneously (E
vs XX&ZZ together).
Is there any idea? I tried to change script of optic plot program but could
not succeeded.

    set optic = J          # for JOINT DOS
              = E          # for EPSILON
          = S          # for SIGMAK
          = I          # for SIGMA_INTRA

    set col = "2"          # which column to plot, more than one
                           # column can be given
    set xmin = -15         # with xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax you
    set xmax = 15          # can specify plotting ranges
    set print = "file"     # file to be used for plotting, or
                           # pipe directly to printer queue e.g. "|lpr"
    set noview             # set to skip preview and directly print

What I should I change in this script so that I get my desired columns in a
single plot?

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