Below is a list of the documentation that I know about for case.intrans:

a) The article titled "BoltzTraP. A code for calculating band-structure dependent quantities" by G. Madsen and D. J. Singh [ ] b) The BoltzTraP UserGuide. This is UserGuide.pdf found inside BoltzTraP.tar.bz2 in the doc folder [ ]. c) The BoltzTraP source code inside BoltzTraP.tar.bz2 [ ]. The tau model parameters are documented in the source code (m_input.F90 in the src folder) [ ].

On 2/21/2016 1:44 AM, boudiaf khadidja wrote:
Dear Developers and users, I am a new user of BoltzTraP, with wien2k,i need more informations about intrns file.
with regards,
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