P.Blaha: forces,.... phonons    (pdf and video)

On 01/12/2017 11:32 AM, Laurence Marks wrote:
This is not the sort of question that should be posted; you are asking
for free teaching. You need to do some work yourself, e.g. type "what
information from phonon density of states" into Google and start reading.

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    Hi everyone. I am using WIEN2k code for my calculations for sometime

    The experts of WIEN2k kindly guide me regarding the following queries:
    1- What is the information we can get from the phonon density of
    states? Can we get to know about the stability of a material?
    2- How can I get the phonon density of states using WIEN2k?
    3- Is there any other package need to be installed? If so kindly
    guide me to the installation and usage of that.

    Thanking you in anticipation. Waiting for your helpful comments.

    (Yasir Javed)
    Doctoral student
    Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences,
    Islamabad, Pakistan

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