Dear Dr. Gerhard H. Fecher
Thank you for your details.
I checked my home DIR for .w2web. It has only my old sessions. Somehow my 
recently created session information are lost.
I was doing some optical property calculations in my new sessions and SCF with 
hub-U and SO were done without errors. Now I started the post processing with 
new session name (this time I gave the folder name as the session name). Hope I 
can continue this without any error.?
One thing I need to clarify. the information shows when I check session 
management in w2web, are of the old session or of the newly created session?If 
I have lost session info file in home/user/host/.w2web, is there any other 
place where I can get those details?
Thank you in advance


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 You may continue your work in an existing directory if there were no troubles 
If you create a session for an existing case (in an old folder), then you need 
to check that the session info is ok (see session mangement in w2web)
in particular complex or not, spin polarized or not, etc.

There is a hidden folder ".w2web" in your home directoty that contains all the 
The path to the stored sessions may look like
(user is your name, host is the name your computer used by w2web were the 
sessins are stored)

The folder "sessions" contains all stored sessions, unfortunately by their ID 
however, the files are simple text files you can read with every editor
they contain the informations on the NAME (case), DIR (directory), etc.
needed by w2web.
You can use old session files in a new environment (if you still have them and 
the path (DIR) to your cases are still the same).


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Dear Developers

Due to a network problem I lost connection with our computer system and after 
it got fixed I had a problem of connecting with WIEN2k interface. Somehow they 
fixed that problem too.
But now, when I try to load my sessions from w2web,I do not see any of my 
recent sessions in the "stored session" list. Unfortunately I didnot keep any 
record on the session names given.
My question is;
If I create a new session and use the previous folders to continue the case, 
would it give me errors? I mean, for example, If I do DOS calculation on a old 
folder with new session name, does it matter?

I know we can properly change session name or the directory through w2web. But 
since this is different, I am doubtful.

Is there a file/ place where I can see the session names?

Thank you in advance.


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