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Depends whether it is spin polarized or not

if not it should run using -so in your optimize.job
Indeed you need to initialize SO at least once

in case of spin polarization you have to check that the structures andclm and 
other files are all correct

Usually I run a spin polarized optimize job first without so and then
I initialize so
I run x symmetso in the optimize.job for each structure and copy the new so 
structure and clm files e.g.:
      x symmetso # -c
      cp case.struct_so case.struct
      cp caseclm_so ...
      runsp_lapw -so -ec .......

I am presently out of office, I will send later the changed fortran file that 
provides the commands in optimize.job


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Volume optimization with SOC should work -- force optimization does not.

On Wed, Nov 6, 2019 at 10:45 AM prasad jayasena 
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Dear wien2k community

Is it possible to do a volume optimization with SOC added? I tried adding -so 
in the optimize.job , but it crashed.

Thank you

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