Hi everyone,
We’re preparing forthe February 2018 research newsletter and looking for 
contributors. Please takea look at: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/WRN201802 
and add your name next to any paper you are interested in covering. Our 
targetpublication date is on February 19 UTC. As usual, short notes and 
one-paragraphreviews are most welcome.
Highlights fromthis month:   
   - Examining Wikipedia With a Broader Lens: Quantifying the Value of 
Wikipedia’s Relationships with Other Large-Scale Online Communities   

   - Evaluating Wikipedia as a self-learning resource for statistics: You know 
they'll use it   

   - SPOTLIGHT Gesundheit: Gesundheitsinfos   

   - Ongoing Events in Wikipedia: A Cross-lingual Case Study   

   - Leveraging structural-context similarity of Wikipedia links to predict 
twitter user locations   

   - On the Self-similarity of Wikipedia Talks: a Combined Discourse-analytical 
and Quantitative Approach   

   - Usage of Wikipedia by health science and social sciences & humanities 
undergraduates of University of Peradeniya and South Eastern University of Sri 

   - Automatic Generation of Wiktionary Entries for Finno-Ugric Minority 

   - Vandalism Detection and Triple Scoring   

   - Wikipedia as a gateway to biomedical research: The relative distribution 
and use of citations in the English Wikipedia   

   - Effects of Contributor Experience on the Quality of Health-Related 
Wikipedia Articles   

   - Emo, Love, and God: Making Sense of Urban Dictionary, a Crowd-Sourced 
Online Dictionary   

   - Fostering Public Good Contributions with Symbolic Awards: A Large-Scale 
Natural Field Experiment at Wikipedia   

   - The Wisdom of Polarized Crowds   

   - Can conference papers have information value through Wikipedia? An 
investigation of four engineering fields   

   - Wikipedia-integrated publishing: a comparison of successful models   

   - Use of Louisiana's Digital Cultural Heritage by Wikipedians   

   - Collaborative Approach to Developing a Multilingual Ontology: A Case Study 
of Wikidata   

   - Knowledge categorization affects popularity and quality of Wikipedia 

   - The Conceptual Correspondence between the Encyclopaedia and Wikipedia   

   - Analysis of Wikipedia-based Corpora for Question Answering   

If you have anyquestion about the format or process feel free to get in touch 

Masssly, TilmanBayer and Dario Taraborelli


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