Dear Mr. or Ms.,
I thank you for your answer. I will answer do a proposal to Wikimania 
conference 2018 entitled "Wikidata in Medicine: What, why and how" in which I 
introduce Wikidata as a medical knowledge database, I give an overview of 
successful experiences of medical applications of Wikidata, I show the useful 
functions that Medical Wikidata can do when completed, and I give to developers 
ideas of how Medical Wikidata can be automatically enriched based on eHealthMe, 
MeSH and Medline. I ask what is the best format for such proposals. I also ask 
if you are working on similar topics and like to merge your Wikiindaba proposal 
with this one or if you have some comments and questions about my proposal.
Yours Sincerely,
Houcemeddine Turki
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