I really support this kind of thinking... I missed whatever follow-up 
there was about this, but I love the concept of turning page blanking 
actions into constructive edits, etc.

I think most vandalism is just people testing to see if they can really 
edit (even after all these years of wiki, people don't believe it), and 
if the filter pops up and says "hey, how are you? maybe you'd like to 
spend your time more usefully, you might be happier that way" then most 
people will respond well to it.

Daniel Friesen wrote:
> There was an interesting posting to wikitech earlier about Abuse Filter.
> Any thoughts on getting the extension on Wikia?
> Rather than just serious filtering of bad behavior it looks like there
> are interesting soft filters that can spit out a message to the user and
> ask for confirmation.
> The fact that such a message set for page blanking turned 56 of 78 page
> blanking actions into constructive wiki edits is very intriguing.
> I can definitely see a good use for that kind of feature, especially
> fitting in with Wikia's ideas for getting new contributors to a wiki.
> I can think of a good number of filters I could put on the Narutopedia
> which would give a friendly message telling a newbie "You're trying to
> do this? It's not normally considered polite here, maybe you wanted to
> do this instead?" to help point out things which normally would end up
> with someone from the community reverting, tagging for deletion, or whatnot.
> Bleh, to bad it can't catch C&P page moves or copyvios from LeafNinja.com.

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