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> I couldn't find this one under

That's because they are using a $stdlogo, located at

> I wonder whether a free font was used at the time, and I wonder whether
> Liberation Sans could fit the task nowadays, in a way that almost nobody
> would realize the change.

If it looks like the font used in the Wikinews logo, then sure, let's use it.

> Anyway, I don't think we should send GCI students to this uncertain task.

If we can find out what the font was real quick, then the task will not be
uncertain anymore. And believe me, that's much, much easier than finding out
what's the font used for Wikiquote logos -- that one is /really/ complicated.

In any case, we're running short of logos -- Wikinews, Wikibooks and two
Wikivoyage projects are the only ones left.

(And hell yeah, that's a good thing! \o/ )

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