--- Comment #59 from Quim Gil <> ---
Tomasz has the last word, but here is some quick feedback. Note that new
versions of existing files should be uploaded in the same page, using the link
"Upload a new version of this file". Please don't create new pages for these

(In reply to comment #58) 
> Bulgarian:

Looks good, but the dimensions of the file aren't the same than the original.
If you want to strive for perfection please provide a file with the same

> Kanada:

Looks good.

> Norwegian (Weird color / standardized choice, but this is what the wikipage
> said): 

Yes, and because of this we need a standardized version that simply says
"Wikikilden", as specified at

Sorry for the confusion and the extra work. Luckily the standard version is in
regular Latin script and shouldn bring extra work for someone with practice
like you now.

> Southern Min? I can't figure out what language this is, but I'm fairly
> certain
> it's southern min, some dialect of Chinese: 

Looks good but the file has the same problem of different dimensions as BG.

> Thai:

The font you are using is thinner than the version used in the current logo.
According to the description in the TH wikisource logos, "The font used is "TH
Sarabun New", a public font released by the Government of Thailand."

> That is all. :D

Wait a minute. :)  

Your descriptions should mention the files and the fonts you have used. This
way someone like you will have an easy time understanding, updating or
modifying your current versions.

You may have seen that the SVG pages you have created contain very visible
references to Wikibooks logos in other versions. This is incorrect, of course.
Please link to the correct "Other versions", for instance the PNG versions you
have created.

Also, if you look at the bottom of the page you will see a category "Wikibooks
logos", which is also incorrect. The correct category is "Category:SVG
Wikisource logos". The Thai version can be added to "Category:Thai Wikisource
logo variants‎"

Edit the descriotion and you will see how simple is to fix all this. Thank you!

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