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  Hi again folks, it seems the script has been merged into HEAD. The idea is
for these tests to be run as a precondition for a deployment in any of our
environments (alpha, beta, prod). The tests can also be run continuously
against prod to check the sanity of the UW functionality.

  Jeff tells me that Hashar is taking care of hooking the script at the right
places? Let me know if any questions and/or requests that may still be needed
for the integration to happen.

Thanx again for the comments !, here the replies:

> What I mean is that if the new revision is not created, the assert will 
> succeed
anyway, because the old revision has the same content. (True, the API returning
success but not uploading the file is a lot less likely then simply erroring
out, so the test would still catch most  upload problems.)

  Yeap !, that's what I thought, remember, these are smoke tests and what I am
doing it is not exactly the same that the UW is doing. I am just testing the
very basics.

> Creating new images would mean that eventually a non-trivial fraction of
Commons images are test images. That would be even more disruptive. People who
patrol recent changes, list of new files etc. would probably complain.

  I can create them with the "Test images" label and I would assume they would
be ignored. Also, keep in mind that theses tests are not supposed to be run as
frequently as unit tests. These tests only make sense to be run agains a new
deployment candidate. Anyways, let's start running them and if there are any
issues, I am sure we can address them.

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