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In the past, going five years without fixing this has not been such a big deal.
This is because monobook users have been able to disable search suggestions.
Now that bug 52812 has been committed, the option to disable it is gone and the
CSS hacks people recommend in their place are not adequate.

It is definitely time for someone to fix this. I can think of four ways:

1. Move the Search and Go buttons in monobook. This will upset some monobook
users (including me) who enjoy the current layout. It might violate the GNOME
Human Interface Guidelines (which have nothing to do with WMF but are still
something to think about). The act of searching takes place AFTER entering the
search string. Therefore, putting the button above the box or to the left of it
would only be appropriate for an RTL localization.

2. Disable search suggestions for the monobook skin. This will upset some
monobook users who say that they like it. In the discussion
[[User:Killondude]], [[User:NtheP]] and [[User:PiRSquared17]] have identified
themselves as such users.

3. Restore the option to disable search suggestions. This will make everyone
happy except the developers pushing for a cleaner preferences page. I suspect
that they couldn't care less about the option itself. What they actually don't
want to do is set the precedent that nothing can be removed (if we make an
exception for you, we'll have to make an exception for everyone).

4. Have no search suggestions in the core and implement them as a gadget. I
don't know of any effort to clean up the gadget page. Plus anonymous IP editors
who like suggestions might be encouraged to get an account which is a good
thing. Would this make developers happy? If so, I will write it.

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