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From: Hoo man <>
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2012 13:43:36

I've resolved the queries 1-4, number 5 would be quite difficult, cause private
filters aren't replicated to the toolserver as it seems (but they are in the
_log and _history tables, so the below includes them as well).

1: All filters are counted, no matter whether they are deleted or disabled or
2: Over here the number of abusefilter log entries during the period gets
divided by all edits (all from the recentchanges table and all that failed due
to a filter). (The numbers have to be multiplied with 100 to get percent
values, they differ from the values seen on wiki, probably cause over here much
more edits are included in the calculation)  
3: This one gives the user name and the number of filter(s) the user created  
4: This one gets the filter id, it's creator and how often the filter has been
triggered divided by the number of all edits (including edits prohibited by
other edit filters which could slightly bias the number, but shouldn't make a
hug difference). Over here the hit rate needs to be multiplied with 100 as well
to get percent values.

I hope that's fine and that the results are correct, which I can't fully verify
as on wiki much smaller periods are used for calculating.

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